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Joining the Affiliate Program is creative way to earn extra cash from your website traffic. Our high-quality STD tests and reliable support team make our affiliate program the best online. With our high quality STD tests and a helpful support team, we have the best affiliate program for you.

The process is easy – You send us traffic and you get a commission with each of their purchase.


It's an easy process:

Take one of our custom banners or links and get paid for every time your visitors buy our 100% FDA-approved test.

Good profits:

Our average order cost is high and comes with an unmatched commission structure that means higher earning for you.


We have a dedicated affiliate program manager to walk you through all the steps and processes


We are industry leaders providing high-quality, private testing conducted in CLIA-certified labs with results in 24-48 hours. You can expect the STD tests to sell themselves.


We have a consistent conversion that assures you of a stable commission for all your referrals.


A part from the high commission we offer, we also extend the value of our affiliate program to discounts  and special offers.

We would like to add you to our affiliate program, has over 4,500 testing centers offering convenient private STD testing. All our testing centers are easily accessible and are used by most doctors and hospitals in the area. We offer are FDA-approved / cleared STD tests in CLIA-certified labs.

Why Is Our Affiliate Program The Best?’s Affiliate Program is a highly beneficial program online. With our program, you get a chance to earn extra cash through our commissions. We are leaders in the STD testing space and this make earning an easy and quick process. It is easy to track and manage your program.

Benefits of Affiliate Program:

  • Advanced tracking system: We have a high tech tracking system that ensures you get a commission for all sales you generate.
  • Continuous tracking: We make sure that you can track your program and all the visitors that visit our site from yours.
  • Custom creatives: Our creative team will make sure that you have creative ads, banners, images, coupons, text links and all materials you need to run a successful campaign
  • Amazing incentives: We have attractive discounts and offers for your visitors
  • Support: Our committed affiliate program support is always ready to help you through the process.
  • Easy sign-up: It just takes a few minutes to sign-up and you can start earning immediately.

The affiliate program sign up is fast and easy. You can start earning in as little as 5 minutes!

KnowMyStatus Affiliate Program Requirements

At, we are dedicated to helping affiliates earn extra income from their sites. The following are the requirements for joining our program.

  • We allow downloadable software partners in our program.
  • We allow and encourage incentivized partners to join our program.
  • All affiliate partners are allowed and encouraged to run email campaigns, however, all affiliates must be CAN-SPAM compliant. All email marketing campaigns must be pre-approved by the Affiliate Account Manager. Any unapproved email campaigns will be considered in violation of our terms and conditions.
  • Purchases made using your own affiliate link are not eligible for commissions. may suspend or terminate your membership in the affiliate program for any of the following reasons:

  • Engaging in inappropriate advertisements; this includes making false claims or using misleading hyperlinks
  • Engaging in spamming: sending mass emails, mass newsgroup postings, etc.
  • Advertising on websites that contain or promote illegal activities
  • Advertising on websites that violate intellectual property rights of other individuals or companies
  • Failure to display links and/or generate purchasing referrals to
  • Trying to “cheat the system” to increase your monthly commissions

Affiliates caught violating these rules will lose their membership in the program.

Join Our Affiliate Program Today

The affiliate program sign up is fast and easy. You can start earning in as little as 5 minutes!

Who is My Contact For The Affiliate Program?

Any questions about our affiliate program will be answered by our support team. It is a win-win situation which is why we are interested in the success of your affiliate activities as much as we are in providing high quality tests.

How Do I Make Money?

As soon as you add the custom banner or link, you will have started the process. When your site visitors click on the banner or link and make a purchase, you get a commission. It’s as simple as that.

How Will I Get My Commission?

You will get your commission through direct deposit or PayPal. We will give you a commission as long as your visitors make a purchase within 30 days of visiting our site.

How Do I Get The Links Or Ads?

We will give you all the materials you will need to run the affiliate program. This includes links and ads that are creatively designed by our team.

Are There Special Deals For My Visitors?

We will have special offers and discounts for your visitors to make sure that your affiliate campaign is attractive.

How Do I Join?

It is easy to join our Affiliate Program.  You cans tart earning your commission after just 5 minutes of signing up. Join our affiliate program and you earn a commission for every visitor you send to our site and purchases our STD tests.